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Laptop Empires Podcast

Aug 20, 2018

Entrepreneurship is like a road. The decisions you take along the way can greatly affect the next step in your journey and it also appears like everyone goes through the said journey a little differently. Some move fast in order to grasp their ideal success while others have found considerable success in moving slow and steady.

Whether you are in the stage of building, or, in the midst of sustaining and/or growing a business, it is very relevant to understand the evolving phases of entrepreneurship. Knowing your current role in your business can help you stay ahead of the game as you will realize your business aims, priorities and strategies depending on what phase you are in or about to transition to.

In today’s episode, we discuss the distinction of the three phases of entrepreneurship to help you be enlightened on what phase are you really in. Furthermore, we talk about what mindset should you be equipped with in order to get into the next level.